Monday, December 19, 2011

Better than Bestest

Well the weekend is over and all things considered it was pretty fantastic. On Saturday Amsterdam turned out to be a little soggy so we did our holiday shopping in 's-Hertogenbosch (known as Den Bosch) and had a great time. The weather was sunny there and we got the vast majority of the gifts taken care of. Yay.

Den Bosch is a village about 20 minutes away from where we are in Eindhoven and is among one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The streets are full of old building with tons of charm and best of all they are known for a dessert called Bossche Bol. A Bossche Bol is a creme puff on steroids with extra deliciousness. It was soooo good that when they arrived I told the BF I am glad we ordered two (I originally thought it was too big for just one person, but he told me I would want my own), because one bite in and there was no way I was sharing.

The weekend wrapped up with me in bed (today as well) with the flu, but my sickness lead me to finding out the greatest thing to happen to me TV wise since I set foot in this foreign country without easy access to my favorite shows going on in the states. The Walking Dead, season two is on Foxlife here in the Netherlands and I caught it at the next episode where I left off at last month. Fate I tell ya. Changed my attitude immediately.

Then as a super cherry on top I found these and these on the Internet. Gentlemen can now get in on the pajama jean band wagon via pants from the 90's. Maybe not the hottest thing ever, but totally funny. They are appropriately priced at $12.95, but seem to be back ordered. Total bummer since they would make great gag gifts.

Tomorrow hopefully I will be out of bed and stuff.

Ignore the hat hair and check out the size of that deliciousness! Jan de Groot

This is the inside of the ball, yum yum.

The cutest little building sandwiched in-between two big buildings in Den Bosch.
Oh and they sell chocolate.
Yes that is a Unicorn. He is sitting on top of a pharmacy entrance in Den Bosch.
I would like this on my next house.
I just loved this look and think it's so pretty.
They used this on each of the tables outside of a restaurant in Den Bosch.

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