Tuesday, December 27, 2011

But Seriously

After two days of Christmas I am a little tired. I am not completely sure how they do it here with two large dinners in as many days. I must say it's actually nice to have a normal day around here, but then we had the added bonus of needing to buy a new car today (Currently we are semi car less since the current car sold much quicker than we thought). Never a boring day here in the Netherlands.

I did however get around to downloading all the photos from Christmas and put away the gifts (Hunter boots and some much coveted wine glasses!). Checking out the pictures have resulted in me reliving the awesome meals from the last few days. I am getting hungry all over again. You would think I have had enough after two days of food (and you would think I would get over the two days of Christmas, but seriously it just boggles my mind). I hope your Christmas (or multiple Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever the heck you celebrate) was fabulous. Did you get something good?

This was a cook your own dinner (Gourmet) and
was super fun for the kids and me!
So if you burn it or under cook it, you only have yourself to blame!
The only thing I need for dinner.
Saying hi to my parents. My dad said that everything must be ok, because I have wine. So true.


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