Monday, December 12, 2011

Wrapping presents and kitties

This weekend had a lovely mix of laziness and fun. Saturday we went to the Dusseldorf Christmas market where I sampled the traditional sausages and glühwein. Both were delicious. Purchases were slim from the market, but I did get a few things to put in stockings! Beside the market there were tons of shops. Everything from high end luxury to H&M had their doors wide open for the droves of people to shop their faces off until 7pm or some even later. I know most of you don't understand the huge deal that this was, because living in America we have the luxury of shops open at least that late (if not later) every day of the week normally and then during the holiday season some shops barely close before they open again. Here in Europe shops close at 5pm or 6pm most nights and have maybe one night that they are open until 7pm. So you can imagine the frenzy of 'late' night shopping near the market. It was nuts, but fun.

So now that I have presents the next step is wrapping. I used to be awful at it until a few years ago I came across this tutorial that really helped make my presents look so much better. I know this is super basic, but seriously it helped. Now I am much better.

I still lose my creativity about halfway through and then just start using stick on bows, but the first half are spectacular (or at least prettier).

When I was trying to find this video on YouTube I came across this and had to share. Flippycat as he is known has a whole series of videos with him, most including dominoes.

Then I found out Fippycat passed away. RIP Flippycat.


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