Thursday, December 22, 2011

Because I'm fancy like that

Yesterday involved a trip to Hanos which is pretty much what you would get if Costco and Whole Foods had a baby. This place is amazing. I could and did spend hours there. They have a super large wine selection, a regulated refrigerated cheese section (As in you walk in to a not to cold and not to warm room filled with cheese) which is next to the meat section (and also has it's own seafood area with live lobster and crab) and then you can walk to the colder section with fruit and vegetables. After you have had your fill of those areas you can then explore the rest of the store that includes a dessert area, wine glass section, kitchen gadgets and dried/canned items. Hands down one of my favorite stores ever.

During this particular adventure I took it upon myself to replenish our champagne and wine collection that has been recently depleted (I am not saying by who). I had the most wonderful time with Franz (wine guy) who assisted me with most of the wine choices since I am not terribly familiar with most of the labels here in Europe (this is due to the super large 'New World'* selections that we have in the US, compared to the selection from the rest of the world). I could barely wait to get home and open up a bottle, he made them all sound so yummy! I also may have traveled over to the sweets department to buy a snowman bigger than my head, made entirely of chocolate. I shall name him Clark. He is awesome.

There were tons of other purchases, but none quick as exciting as chocolate and wine. The perfect holiday treat.

Mumm wrapped in a lovely sarcophagus with charms.
Doesn't your champagne have this too? No? Sad.
My Vueve comes with it's own insulated shopping bag.
Because I'm fancy like that.
Magical snowman of chocolate.
Because I'm gluttonous like that.
Spoonful of chocolate for friends and family.
Because I want everyone to enjoy THE best cup of chocolate.

*Franz used this descriptions for American wine and I had to repeat it, because it made me laugh in the store. He didn't find it as amusing as I did.

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