Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reading YA doesn't make you dumb

I have always loved to read. ALWAYS. Ever since I could put two words together I have had a book next to my bed, in my purse and around the house. There are some books that I pick up and can't put down. You know the ones that you stay up until 4am in the morning in the middle of the week to finish. Then there are the ones that take forever to get past page 15.

The last book I couldn't put down was, The Help. It was a great read AND a good movie. But before that is was the Twilight series (I'm not even going to link to it because if you don't know what it is you seriously need to take off your pajama jeans and leave the house). I read through all four of the not so small books in a matter of days, during a work week. Yeah it was that captivating. Was it unsurpassed literature? No. Was it fun to read and did it make me want to keep turning the page? Yes.

I read everything and anything. I have fantasy, science, non-fiction, classics, popular fiction, historical fiction and even a few romance novels. I would read the phone book if that was all that was left. I had a whole stack of books that I have been trying to get through for the last few months resulting in me not allowing myself to buy any more books until the stack was completed. Since I have been only working part time-ish of late, I have had plenty of time to get my read on and finish that stack. So much so I found myself sitting at the airport last week with no paper books or virtual books to read in the Netherlands, but didn't know what I should get first. I wandered around the airport book store to get some ideas and decided on a lark to buy a young adult book, The Hunger Games that everyone is talking about.

I was a little embarrassed to purchases this since it was in the young adult section and I think it's safe to say I am no longer a young adult, but then I thought about all the crazy Twilight mom's out there and made the decision to not care what anyone else thought. Needless to say I read it all on the plane and then downloaded the other two books of the series onto my iPad upon arrival and I am just about done with the last one. Young adult books are fun to read and way better then when I was actually a young adult. (Well to be perfectly honest I was reading adult books when I was a young adult because all the YA books back then were so cheesy and I had already read them when I was under 12). So why the embarrassment over a book? Just because I am not reading the Steve Jobs (and seriously the cover of the book is starting to skeeve me out) or Walden (which I read years ago, but really wanted out about halfway through) doesn't make me any less aware of the world and who knows maybe I will end up reading them (again), but maybe I won't. That doesn't make me dumb. 

So where is this post going? Well I suggest reading the Hunger Games and to never feel stupid because you enjoy a book regardless of the genre. My guess is if there is a person looking down on you over your choice of book they are seriously depleting themselves of some good entertainment. Oh and my next book up is The Royal Stuarts (I have a serious addiction to the royals of Scotland and England), but that doesn't mean I am done with YA, Spoiled by the Fug Girls is on the list too!

Anyone have any suggestions for other books? I am needing to build up my stack again...

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