Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spoonful of Heaven

It's Christmas time and cookies, candies, pies and overindulgence abound. I'm on board. I have no problem shoving cookies and whatever other goodies they have here in the Netherlands in my face, but my true indulgence is hot chocolate. I am not talking that Swiss Miss crap you have in your cupboard, but milk stirred with delicious chocolate on the stove until it makes a hot and creamy chocolaty drink that boarders on full on chocolate bar in a mug.

Lucky me the other day I was given a chocolate gift called a Spoonful of Chocolate. It was the perfect cup of chocolate. It's a good thing that I didn't have another, because I would have had that immediately after the first one. It was that good. It is essentially just a high quality piece of dark or milk chocolate on a stick that melts into warm milk, but it's just so amazing and one of those things that I wish I had tried sooner. I immediately did some research and this amazing stick is strictly in NL right now, but have no fear there are a few options for those stateside.

There are lots of different ones out there, but quality in your chocolate makes for a rich and satisfying drink. There are several cheaper versions, but the Eclat chocolate on a stick would be my choice for purchase. While I have not had the stick from them I have had the chocolate before and I do approve. Now if you have a bit more time on your hands you can make them yourself. This recipe on the King Arthur Flour site for chocolate blocks looks delicious. The reviews are great and quite a few bloggers and test kitchens have given it the thumbs up too. I plan on trying these out this week. I think I might make this homemade marshmallow recipe then skewer them together to give as little gifts. Yum! Oh and if you make your own make sure to use good chocolate (really this will make the difference!).


Spoonful of Chocolate! Yum.

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