Monday, September 26, 2011

Return of the lady like elegance

A friend of mine recently went shopping with me and was mentioning that we are really starting to see the return of lady like elegance. Well I love the thought of that (since you will find me in dresses more often than not) so I put together my wish I could have it dream outfit for fall. I love the combination of colors and would totally rock this out. You could also change this up with tights and brown boots (or booties) for a slightly edgier (blatant use of overused word) look.

Oh also someone showed me Polyvore. It's like showing your cat where you hide the catnip and walking away. I will be on this site until I pass out from the high I am getting from creating outfits!

Palate of my fall
Kate Spade layered jewelry, $103, Wrap jewelry, $58

I may need an intervention.

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