Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jon Hamm is dreamy

So, while I am sad that Mad Men has yet to return to TV, it is still everywhere. Banana Republic came out with it’s"Mad Men" collection, the show was nominated for some Emmy’s and the other day while in Anaheim I had one of the most fabulous martini’s ever and thought of Mad Men. If you are not familiar with the show it is set in the early 60’s and focuses on an advertising firm on Madison Avenue in NYC. There is a lot of incredible costumes, cocktails, affairs and smoking. Please return to TV soon Mad Men, I miss you Don Draper. I love martini’s and whenever I order one I think of Mad Men and not sure why. The characters don’t usually order those often, but my brain still puts the two together and I figure whatever I like them both and no one gets hurt. James Bond just isn’t my thing. (excluding Daniel Craig of course). Sexy man...I'll stuff blue cheese olives for him any day of the week!

So when I have a martini (which is not terribly often, but my friend Jamie likes them too so when we go out it’s trouble) it varies on what you get depending on the place and the bartender. I ask for a Kettle One or Grey Goose dirty martini with olives (I have tried the gin version and it’s just not the same). Since Jamie was with me this business trip there were martini’s and they happened often. They ranged from crazy dirty swamp water to little to no olive juice to the seriously most fab martini ever at Morton’s. Let me explain.

The mix of olive juice to vodka was superb. Not too much not too little. Enough for a taste, but not to over power. Then came the crowning glory, the blue cheese stuffed olive. I am not talking about some left over blue cheese stuffed in a supermarket olive, but a high quality creamy blue cheese put inside an olive that had not been sitting out on the bar for hours, days or weeks, but was most likely kept in a jar to retain it’s firm, but not hard texture. It probably cost $15-$18, but it was soooo worth it. I am going to recreate this blue cheese stuffed lovely, but think it requires some research on the best olive and blue cheese to use. I will keep you updated on the results. In the meantime go to Morton’s or recommend your favorite martini bar, I could totally use a drink.    Shaken, not stirred. Cheers!

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