Monday, September 19, 2011

To lipstick or not

Lipstick for some reason is tricky to me. Not the actual application, but the reapplication. I have some crazy fabulous colors that I swear I am going to wear forever, but they tend to end up in my drawer and not on my lips. I love the look and I think that lipstick really puts together the outfit, face, attitude but I just can’t remember to reapply the darn thing. So one of my goals was to try and put lipstick and reapply it all day for a week. I failed and miserably. So to not be a quitter I am trying it again and picked up some new long wearing Sephora brand lipstick. I was cruising through the aisles of my favorite beauty store and came across these slight pinky neutral tones with a hint (not a smattering) of sparkle. I thought wow for $12 a pop I should totally get a few different colors because I am totally going to love and wear them every day. So I had 4 different colors picked out and was ready to head up to the checkout when I stopped and realized I only needed one. Until I proved that I could use it and not have it collect dust I only should spend money on one, #18.

So I have been wearing #18 for a week straight and have been so good about reapplying. I love the velvety feel of when it goes on and it does seem to last for quite awhile which helps me out a bit by allowing longer periods in between reapplications. The neutral color gives me a nice casual look and feel for everyday wear. I think I will go back and get a few of the other colors for weekends, meetings and days I just want to step it up a bit. I may just be a lipstick lady after least until the next time I forget to put it on!

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