Friday, September 23, 2011

The Final Countdown

Yes this song by Europe is ringing in my head for the last month. One week left with life as I know it. All sorts of changes are in the works and that is leaving me a little neurotic. From new housing plans, leaving a job of almost 8 years and relocating my BFF to a new forever home I have not had time to think beyond lunch. So this week I took some time each evening to unwind and de-stress by window shopping online. Some people read, meditate, exercise or cook. I shop. I am responsible about it though by looking at things I would never buy (but are hilarious) or more pathetic, can't afford (so no money is spent and without a clear cut job and stuff I should watch my pennies). Here are some of the highlights.

I am all for recycling, but this is a little odd. Nice hawk though.
60% of the time, it works every time. Yes it does. Amazon 
No words describe this. Etsy

Guess what you are getting for Christmas? Amazon

And to leave everyone with my favorite, wish I had the money to drop on these, item of the week feast your eyes on these.

This has been my most re-pinned item on Pinterest (eclipsing the wine and
cheese tray). Apparently I am not the only one with shoe lust. At $695 though, I
 would rather have wine.
TGIF and all that good stuff! Have a super weekend.

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