Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Not to be confused with LDS (just in case we get a few stragglers) it means long distance relationship. So I never thought when I started this blog I would really explore this, but here is the thing there is very little on the subject. There is advice and opinions, but so little on actual trying to figure this damn thing out. I just read this article on the mommy blogger community that praised the support and love to be found there, so I thought to myself well there has to be an LDR community right? Well not really. There are some college loves, but nothing fit what I was experiencing. I know that they exist, but where are they?

I am so much luckier than most. We see each other often and the power of the Internet is the reason we can have this relationship. With all that 5000 miles isn't that much is it? Well sometimes it feels like a million. Other days it's ok and some days it is nice to have quiet. The thing I am looking for is how do you make the change? Do I move there and leave my family? What about him? That's a generalization because each and every situation is different and complex. There is no perfect formula. I know this yet I am searching for that community of support. Does it exist?

Hello? Is this thing on?

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