Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Dream: To make cheese

I always wanted a cheese shop or to have a creamery, that is until I realized how much work goes into one wheel of cheese. I am all for working hard, but holy cow (no pun intended) cheese is an art form. So instead of making it I will just to continue to eat it and put my dream of making cheese aside (along with winning American Idol and of course being an international movie star).

I do love cheese though. Soft, firm, goat, sheep or cow I love it all. There is truly not enough time to sample all the wonderful cheeses in the world. It seems that artisan cheese is the latest and greatest thing for the masses. Good thing I have been ahead of the curve in this category. As a card carrying member of the Culture magazine and the resident lurker of many NW cheese sources I am proud to say I  am a super cheese head. While I don't have the trained palate of a professional I do have the taste buds of an enthusiast. If you are looking for a great gift or even a little splurge for yourself here are some of the best cheese of the web (and of course locally in Seattle)!

The Cheese Cellar - The do have a web site, however not an online shop. This shop is worth going to in person if you happen to be in the Seattle area. They know their stuff and can teach you a few things too! For those of you without plans on coming to Seattle, you can order a cheese of the month club by calling them directly. Totally worth it!

Murrary's Cheese - Based in New York this is an online cheeser's dream. They have cheese for cheese and then some cheese on top and did I say it's online! Plus I do recommend stopping in the store if you are in the NYC area. So yummy and worth every dollar you spend.

Cowgirl Creamery - This is one of my favorite creameries. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners at a party in Napa and have been addicted to the cheese ever since. They have a great online website that has a store, information and lots and lots of cheese. They have three brick and mortar stores as well and I have only been to the The Ferry Plaza in San Francisco (this is a must go to even if you aren't into cheese), but I am sure they are all fantastic.

Good thing it's almost lunch time, this has made me hungry!!

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