Monday, August 8, 2011

Ready for your close up?

I recently have gotten into photography. To be clear I have yet to take a class and have only done some research on the internet to help get an idea of what I am doing. I have a Cannon EOS Rebel with a 28-135 lens. When researching cameras it was hard to decide exactly what to get, but after months in camera store and playing with a borrowed camera this was the best for me both money and ease of use. I know my camera can do more than what I am currently doing with it and totally have way more to learn about it, but I have come across some great sites that I wanted to share for those that are also learning!

Kevin and Amanda - This is an excellent post on a quick guide to understanding your camera if you are a newbie like me. Easy to understand so you can actually start talking about settings on your camera instead of just agreeing with others when the topic comes up!

Digital Photography School - 13 most popular photography tips from the site. Introduction to food photography was my favorite.

Photo Tuts - 100 tips for beginners and professionals alike. Seriously some of this stuff is just amazing. Can't wait to try a few of them out. So many tips that it may take me awhile to get to all of them!

I just was on vacation and have done my best to try as many of these idea, tips and directions as possible!!

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