Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mile High Skin Club

So as some of you may have guessed I have been on vacation livin' it up in Italy. It was great and fantastic and fun was had by all. The only downside to this was the 10 hour plane ride to and the return, as it leads to havoc on my skin. I travel quite a bit and this has lead me to be searching for products that help rehydrate my skin and make me feel a little better about the world upon my arrival (Since of course my outlook on life is dependent on my skin and hair feeling and looking fabulous. This can lead to bad days. I am just saying). A couple of years ago I had the craziest travel schedule that involved me crossing the country in a non sensible fashion with 6-7 hour flights every few weeks and I must say the outlook on life was grim. That is until I found Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Calming Mask and my outlook turned sunny!

I used this on a Seattle to Boston trip and noticed that by putting it on when I went to bed on the first day I arrived I woke up to soft, silky, ready to face the day skin. I have also used this if I have a red skin day and put it on as a quick mask and really, truly see a difference. It does exactly what it says calms my skin, truth in advertising. What a concept. Now that I have also found my magical oil and use this in combination with the mask I have not had the dry, red skin I used to get while traveling and being stuck in hotels and convention centers all day. Outlook is clear skies and temperature is in the 80's, everyone is a lot happier to be around me now. Thank you Origins.

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