Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Raise your pink glass

I enjoy wine. With dinner, with friends, with life. Trust me when I say life and wine will happen on a regular basis in this household. With that there are classes of wine for each occasion, but with summer around the corner I am waiting for the first rosé to grace my house. This is hands down one of my favorite summer wines and while I am not Oenologist I do know what I like, so that's a start. First if you do not already know rosé and white zinfandel are not the same thing at all. White zin is known for being a sugary sweet "starter" wine with no complexity. Rosé can be dry with subtle fruit tastes and compliments a variety of foods. Also it is amazing to have on hot summer day with my favorite go to dinner of cheese, breads, compotes, fruits and olives! So to celebrate the soon to be summer I wanted to share a few of my favorite kinds of rosé and hope you give this pink drink a chance.

This is really one of my favorites. Berry flavors and 
really crisp when served chilled. Pretty bottle too!

This is the wine that started my love of rosé.
While in Napa we had a lunch event at this winery and this
was one of the best things I had tasted while there. A little on the 
expensive side for rosé, but well worth it.

This lovely wine can be found at your nearest Trader Joes 
and it is a perfect compliment to any summer gathering. 
Can't beat the price either! Photo via ViniVino

And last but not least, while it is not Rosé, this is a super fun and awesome party addition.
Sofia 4 Pack Mini Blanc de Blancs
Sparkling wine in a can with a straw? Ummm yes please.

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  1. Love!!! Rosé as well has become one of my favortie summertime wines! I have to go home now (well not now, but after work!) and check to see which Rosés we have ready to drink. I'm going to check out that Marques de Caeceres based on your recommendation and the fact that their Chardonnay is perfect and a super reasonable price. Thank you!!!


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