Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girls in Curls

Curls. Unless you already have them, you want them and sometimes when you have them, you don't. We read in magazines that boys prefer them, I personally love the pretty, sexy feel I have when I have the perfect curls in place and I think they are universally flattering on all face shapes and lengths. The problem is they can take lots of time and skill to perfect and then the heat from the curlers or curling iron can wreak havoc on your hair. So what's a girl who wants pretty curls to do? Glad you asked. I came across this crazy little video through another blogger that goes over a quick and easy way for you to get curls without heat. I tried this a few times and have had some great results. The only thing I recommend is that you use a hair band that is not too loose or to tight. Let's just say I had a mark on my head for hours as a result of using something that was way too tight, not to mention a super headache!

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