Monday, June 20, 2011

Polish On

I love pretty nails. Nothing finishes an outfit better then lovely pretty nails including your feet! So with peep toe shoes, flips and sandals this summer I present to you the best option I have found for nail polish.

I have tried so many polishes and the result is awesome for a few days and then for reasons I can only think of as my crazy stomping walk they chip. Who has the time for repainting the toes every few days? I certainly don't (although I kinda wish I did ala debutante style, but that's never going to happen). So I keep going through bottles of nail polish hoping and wishing that one will sustain me through more that one week. Then a few months ago in my BirchBox I received a small bottle of a pretty purple polish by Zoya. So even though it may only be yet another bottle of disappointment I gave myself a pedicure and placed the new polish on my toes. I went through a few normal days of wear and tear and to my surprise it was still in place, even the little toes! So I didn't touch up any of my toes and THREE WEEKS later it was still in place. I actually felt I needed to take it off before it needed to be taken off. Has that ever happened to you? Well then tell me what type you use!

My friend and sugar guru Tobi told me that Butter London has the same effect, but it is a little bit more expensive. Since I like to make sure my wine budget doesn't get reduced I can't say I have tried it, but might give it a whirl soon. Until then I am going to keep using the awesome pretty colors from Zoya since I know they work like a charm!

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