Monday, June 13, 2011

Salt in your Coffee

I have been trying to really clean out my house the last few weeks. I have so much stuff that I am not using and since the annual family garage sale is coming up it's time for some stuff to find new homes. In the great clean out '11 I have found somethings that I forgot I even had. How does that happen? It must be a result of having so much stuff you no longer can keep track. It's even crazier if you think that only two years ago I moved into this place so I must have seen this stuff then. At least that is what you would think.

So when going through my bathroom I came across some dead sea salts that have not been used in easily a year. We all know the benefits of dead sea salts (No? Check this out) so I had to think of something to do with them. After some thought I decided I wanted to make a body scrub out of them for the shower and turned to the Internet for ideas. The only problem was most of the recipes I found had a heavy oil base and I wanted a thicker less oily scrub then what I was finding. So after taking some ideas from the recipes I had seen I made my own scrub that has a heavy salt base with sweet almond oil, coffee and essentials oils. It's really thick so you use a small amount and less oil means you don't feel so oily after the scrub or leave a ring around the tub. So far I have only used it only a few times (I don't suggest exfoliating everyday), but it is doing it's job and not leaving me a slick mess afterwards.

1/3 to 2/3 cup of dead sea salts (or a course salt)
essential oils (I used vanilla)
3 tablespoons of freshly ground semi course coffee (Here is some information on the benefits of coffee in your scrub)
3 - 5 tablespoons of sweet almond oil

I started by adding the essential oils to the salt directly (about 5 drops) and let it sit for a few minutes to get soaked up and followed by adding in the coffee grounds. I then added the sweet almond oil little by little until it was the consistency I wanted.  Where I ended up was somewhere around what you would find as the waves roll back into the ocean and the sand is wet, but not super soaked.

This is the result and I really love this scrub and plan on making a few other types too. Look for them soon!

I finished it off by placing it in this cute jar!

You can really tell that it isn't super runny. It's perfect.

It smells just like a vanilla, almond latte!

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