Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Got Your Back

Not trying to get all personal and stuff, but summer is seriously thinking about coming around soon and this means tank tops, dresses, bathing you see where I am going? Skin is going to show and if you have the winter blah skin or even if you have a little back acne (bacne anyone?) I happen to know of  a little secret. See I had this problem. My skin gets crazy with every change of the season no matter how careful and vigilant I am with my body care routine. The cause of this can range from hair product used during showering, lack of air to skin (due to winter causing us to wear layers and layers of clothes and then for most of the country spring still acting like winter) and even just plain neglect. I mean really it is the most inconvenient place to get to and then when you do it turns you in to a contortionist in the shower. For me the tip of the blah skin iceberg came when I was in Vegas for work and happened to be staying at the Mandalay Bay which has a Lush store. I took this as a sign to try and get this back issue solved.

The best thing about Lush is the people in this store know everything about their products. You ask a question about what would be best for you and they know exactly what to get for you AND then they have you try it out in the store. Combine this with the fact they use natural products, everything is made by an actual person and all of the products smell amazing, how can you go wrong? After I told my story of back issues the sales girl ushered me over to the Ocean Salt Cleanser and declared I had to try it. So out came a scoop of blue looking scrub and on my hands it went. During the scrub session the sales girl mentioned that she had a similar back issue awhile ago and used this product to solve the issue for her. I must admit she did have nice skin. So after a scrub and rinse my hands were clean, soft and felt lovely. I was sold.

Must admit that it has been working absolute wonders on my skin. I am a believer with excellent pool side worthy skin! Now just to get the legs and behind into shape...

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