Friday, November 16, 2012


Even though my Internet went down earlier this week, my phone got me through the withdrawal, I was finally able to get caught up on the Walking Dead and life as I know has been restored to the mild chaotic mess I call everyday. Lucky enough Friday is finally here and it's almost time for a well deserved cocktail and the weekend! For me the latter will include prepping for my first 5k since I was 15 (for reals), seeing the new movie Lincoln (DDL looks more like Lincoln then Lincoln in this movie. Excited!) and a fabulous dinner made by a former chef friend. Doesn't get much better them that. Hope you have a great weekend planned as well!

This weeks Must items:

Image via Skyfall/MGM-Sony

Skyfall - Go see it. I have not been known to be a Bond fan in the past, but a little Daniel Craig can turn pretty much anything around and Skyfall was one of my favorites. It was definitely a more personal look at Bond and his past, but still had action, sexy time and Javier Bardem (creepy, but he is a spectacular actor). All in all, good fun!

Image via Birchbox

Beauty Blenders - I saw these featured in magazines and online awhile go, but totally dismissed them because the price seems a bit much for make-up sponges. Then I received one in my Birchbox last month and now I am kicking myself for not taking them more seriously. With a little water, you use it to apply your tinted moisturizer or foundation quickly, evenly and mess free like nothing else I have ever tried. Ignore the price tag and just try it. It truly works like a charm.

Image via Birchbox

Birchbox Home Pop Up Shop - Speaking of Birchbox, they have unveiled their Home Pop Up and first ever Brichbox Home Box. With delights like truffle salt (shown) and Prosecco home fragrance I definitely think it's worth a look. Who knows you may be able to cross off some holiday gifts on your list or maybe even grab an item or two for yourself!

image via eventjuice

eventjuice - In case you missed it, I wrote a little something over on eventjuice about how customer service is dead and how to bully get around such issues. While the content is aimed at the event industry (my crazy background lies deeply in conferences, corporate schmooze fests and other craziness) I think it really can be applied to pretty much any industry or private life issues along these lines. Plus I do really want to know your worst story. Particularly if it has a funny ending!

Image via Gawker
Reddit Troll - Even if you never have been on Reddit this story is fascinating from every angle. Wondering what an Internet troll is? Click here. Wanna know what Reddit is? Click here. Need to restore your faith in humanity? Click here

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