Thursday, November 8, 2012


I see a lot of you have Spotify through the feeds on Facebook, but do any of you actually use it like you should?

I was at a party recently where my friend and I had to describe it to so many people that I thought a little information might be helpful to others. Those that understand Spotify you can put your hands down, the rest of you should pull up a chair and listen carefully.

Spotify is millions of songs, records and artists at your finger tips that you can play, play and play until your little heart bursts from the pleasure of hearing any song you want, when you want on your computer. It's like a little piece of joy. You can create playlists, check out friends (or strangers) playlists, listen to the absolute latest music and you don't have to purchase a thing. Too good to be true? Well actually for free the only downside is that you have ads, can only listen via your computer, and you are stuck to your country. Doesn't sound bad, does it?

Now if you are willing to shell out a little cash there is way more. For $9.99* per month I get everything above, but also the full mobile experience on my phone (play it in the car, on the docking station) and iPad (same as the other one, but this way I don't burn my phone battery) and play it in most countries, you know like I would on my iTunes, but I don't have to purchase every little thing. Oh and my playlists can be played offline. Hello airplane.

You may be saying why would I spend money when it's free. Well truly that is up to you, but when I am running I like to mix up my tracks and purchasing them through iTunes adds up to way more than the $9.99 a month I spend on Spotify to create playlists like they are going out of style. Think of it this way, are you really going to be playing Taylor Swift's**, "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together", like, ever again after a week or so? That's what I thought.

So to kick things off for you here is my playlist from this summer and fall that I keep annoying the BF with. Enjoy and seriously get on Spotify. It's just ridiculous not to.

* There is a $4.99 option, but I think you are worth $5 more.
** Not saying you would purchase it, but I would, because I love terrible pop music. For like, a week at a time.

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