Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I am not sure if any of you watch Revenge, but I do and I officially don't know why. I keep thinking it will get better, but as soon as it starts to get a little better it then, in the same episode turns weird and boring. Every episode makes me crazy on so many different levels I don't even know where to start, but I guess I do so here are my suggestions to make Revenge a little more watchable and enjoyable for us the viewers.

Emily/Amanda - While she is very pretty, she has only two facial expressions and it's getting harder each episode for me to care if she every gets her revenge. She treats her BF Nolan like crap, she continues to not trust anyone and in the process screws things up and when she apologizes its more along the lines of "I am sorry you are such an ass that you made me do it". It's starting to get old and her character has the potential to be so much better. Let's try to make her a little more likable and go from there.

Nolan - He is my favorite character. He provides comic relief, dresses like a Tommy Hilfiger ad on crack and has tons of awesomeness up his sleeve. Then all of a sudden this season they made him wear pants and go to the office and become a boring lap dog of Emily's. I want the old Nolan back and like right now!

Daniel and Ashley - OK I looked for a decent photo and couldn't find one easily which just further proving my thoughts that no one cares about them as a couple. I mean outside the fact that Ashley has fantastic dresses on the show I could care less about her. She was supposed to be BFF's with Emily and then the minute Emily breaks her engagement to Daniel, Ashley starts moving in on him. Weird. Then on the other hand Daniel, the mouth breather, is sleeping with the scheming help and can't seem to figure out just how much he shouldn't trust her. And then there is the chemistry, oh wait sorry, there is none. Break up and move on. Please.

Jack - Snore. Most boring character ever. Let's give him a storyline that doesn't involve a stupid broken bar or a baby mama he doesn't really care about. Please. I don't even pay attention when he comes on the screen and he's cute so let's get on making him interesting by having him sell the bar completely and get a job working for Nolan or even crazier the Grayson's!

Amanda/Emily - Liked her better before the baby mainly because she gave Emily a run for her money. Would like to see the bad ass back again. Although the baby shower scene where she showed up with her stripper friends like a bunch of mean girls was awesome. More of that please.

Charlotte and Declan - Don't care to even look for a picture or talk about them. Wallflower characters.

Victoria - Fabulously scheming, impeccably dressed and the best actor on the show. Never change.

Conrad - He's perfect as a rich and evil white guy. Perhaps he should run for Senate. Drink more and carry one.

And there you have it. This is how I would change Revenge so I can watch it again. Am I wrong? What would you change.

All photos via ABC
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