Monday, July 23, 2012

Get Your Shop On - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I wrote about this sale last year here with my favorite picks and this year will be no different. The great thing about this year is that I was able to shop the sale prior to the public sale and online no less. No crowds, no waiting and nothing out of stock. Easiest sale ever. This year I took a different approach to my shopping strategy and really kept to fall basics and essentials to compliment my current closet and not restyle it. I think I made some good choices that will last well beyond fall, which is always the goal with those of us trying to make the most of our hard earned money. Now comes the hard part and I have to wait until the weather cools to be able to wear my items. Apparently SoCal has not received the memo that I want to wear my new boots (Just kidding, please keep the weather warm and lovely mother nature. Thanks in advance. xx Shann)

The sale officially started last Friday, but now is the best time to check it out as the crazed shoppers have died down to a dull roar. Don't wait too long thought, you only have until August 6th to get these prices!

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