Monday, July 9, 2012

I Love Holidays

I know most people complained about the 4th falling on a Wednesday, but for me it worked out wonderfully. I still worked on Thursday and Friday, but I did it from 6000+ altitude, which proved to be good for the mind and soul. We worked outside under the shade of the trees during the day and ate dinner and drank wine outside until the mosquito's chased us indoors. A change of pace and the fact our phones didn't work there ended up being exactly what both of us needed.

Then the weekend arrived and we found ourselves on a boat, out on Lake Tahoe with the most amazing weather. While the water was not super warm I still found myself jumping in, because I can't resist a good lake swim on a hot day. The next morning I wished I had applied the sunscreen a little better, but regardless it was totally worth it. Wrapping our weekend up we bid goodbye to our hosts and did the long drive home. Seven plus hours later and I am proud to say my Zoku arrived in my absence and this week looks to be a drunken, frozen delight!

Lake Tahoe from above

The water was so blue. This photo is not doctored at all!!

Castle Rock
Crazy Shannon

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