Monday, July 16, 2012


No not me. It’s my head. Remember this trip on the boat?Well apparently my scalp got a little sunburnt even though I have pretty thick hair and it looks as though mybrain is trying to escape one little flakey piece at a time. Now that you know all about my current grooming woes you are probably asking yourself why I brought it up. Well summer is in full swing and now that I officially live back in the land of sun and warmth I realized that this particular problem could happen again. Since I really don’t want to have to rub sunscreen into my hair at thebeach (that would not make for pretty hair) I turned to the internet for options. Surprisingly there are some really awesome non-bald guy options that I just had to share, so you can avoid the flake!

I am thinking the hat is a must just because you could eat dinner off that brim. Dramatic and Southern. Just my style!

The reviews on this are awesome. It has an SPF AND it reduces frizz.
Sounds like worth a try to me!
via Nordstrom

This is a leave in conditioner that has a built in SPF.
Super easy, no additional steps necessary. Wash and go.
via Skin Store

This hat also contains an SPF so not only is it stylish, but gives extra sun protection.
I do love a big hat!
via Sunday Afternoons

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