Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Bodie, CA

Heading up to Tahoe this past week we decided to take the 395 (instead I-5), which got me all excited for adventure! I went to the map and declared that we could go to Death Valley in July, AWESOME! Then the BF pointed out that DV was still 100 miles off the route. Total bummer. Since that was out I then decided that we needed to visit a ghost town. It is total gold rush country and there has to be something to check out. So I looked up 'ghost town route 395' and up popped Bodie, CA, old, deserted, big and creepy. Well that is definitely a place that I need to check out. Old, deserted, big and creepy is right up my alley.

It was the strangest thing to walk through this dirt road town thinking that 10,000 people at one time called this place home. As you walk through the town it feels like everyone just got up one day and took off. There are books still left at the desk and beds still made up expecting their owners to show up at bedtime. Give or take an inch or two of dust. I mean really who leaves a casket behind? Weird stuff. I love this kind of thing though and Bodie has a history worth it's weight in gold. When the story of the fire bell, "which tolled the ages of the deceased when they were buried, rang often and long", you know this place has a a legit ghost or 30. If you ever happen to be in this area, Bodie, CA is totally worth the 13 miles off the main route and the $7 per person entry. You can spend hours in there and still not see everything there is to view. Best ghost town to date!

Drink anyone? I am sure they have an excellent wine.

It truly was a beautiful place in the the shade.

It's like everyone just got up and left at the same time. 

Bullet holes in the sign.
There are some jars and tins I would love to have!!

Surprisingly a lot of houses have held up over the years.

According to the history the morgue was a very busy place.

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