Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful and not dead...Just recovering

So I was sick, took an airplane trip, got sicker and then had to pack up my house. I am thankful to be healthy and that my house is almost packed. I am also not dead, so thankful for that as well. I will be getting back to posting and keep you on the edge of your seat starting again next week. I hope you all have a super great Thanksgiving or Thursday. Depends on your country and/or mood for celebrating the coming together of the Indians and Pilgrims for dinner before the mass slaying (and not in the Buffy kind of way).

In the meantime here is a photo that I took while at a children's amusement park in the Netherlands. It's from a small building on the property that is turned into a "museum"of basically old heads that were used throughout the park over the years. This was creepier than the haunted house they had as an attraction!

Anyone need an extra head?

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