Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Breakfast and Cyber Monday

So last few weeks as previously stated have been a little crazy and hectic, but I have learned a few things in the process.

Pajama Jeans – Genius for packing and loading/unloading moving trucks.
DayQuil/NyQuil – A must have for the seriously sick, but need to get stuff done.
UHaul trucks – Comfortable they are not, but they get the job done.
Free Breakfast at hotel/motels/Inns – Fucking Brilliant.

So in retail news there was Black Friday (skipped it) and of course today is Cyber Monday (phoning it in). I am taking a little bit longer to get into the spirit of the holidays this year, but maybe all I need is a little retail therapy. My mailbox was full of offers this morning from every possible merchant. After reviewing all the mails the big deals for me this Cyber Monday seem to be all about the things I want, but I swear I am buying for others. Really. Here are a few of the highlights:

Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft – 50% off of everything and free shipping. Yup. It’s true. Get on it!

Bauble Bar – For every $30 dollars you spend you get a free item from the gifting suite. The gifting suite has some super lovely things and not just the no one has bought these so we are giving them away, but wow I really like and want that pair of earrings kind of suite. I like to call these types of sales the ‘one for you, one for me’ sale. Plus if you haven’t checked out Bauble Bar yet you should take a look through. You need to sign up for the deal, but it's worth it.

Kate Spade – Sample Sale. Which means up to 75% off of purses, clothes, accessories, etc.. I have a hard time saying no to any of the items at these prices, but I do have a bit of a KS obsession (Also Tory Burch, but that is a story for another time).

Open Sky – I don’t know if you have ever been to this site yet, but I love it. They have fun and interesting items curated by “celebrities”, but they are useful, different and range from cashmere scarves to salami. They have something for everyone and the items they feature are on sale and only available for limited times at that price. So if you see something you like, get it before it’s gone. Right now they also have free shipping for Cyber Monday.

So to summarize todays post free breakfast and Kate Spade are tops on my list of awesome things and some of you may get jewelry or salami for Christmas. Not too bad for a Monday.

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