Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moving, decorating and manual labor

Part of the whole having houses in different states (or countries) means you need to have two of almost everything. Which is great fun in the beginning, but then I keep thinking what if I want those super cool glasses in the US and not just NL? Then I have some perspective put on me by my loving, but down to earth friends who inform me to get a grip, but it doesn't mean I can't have a little fun right? Right.

In my search for all kitchen type products I have found some great items that would work in any home in any country. Care to see what's at the top of my list?

Schott Zwiesel wine glasses specifically the diva line. I saw these the other day at a cook shop here in the Netherlands and can't stop thinking about them. The pictures do not do them justice, but image a big beautiful glass filled with your favorite wine. Enough said.

They are also made of Tritan glass that is supposed to be
stronger than normal glass to keep them in one piece at parties.
I love to entertain and really like the idea of having individual bottles for water, juice and other liquid products and these bottles add the right touch of fun and useful. Plus at the price of $14 each (at Uncommon Goods) I need one in each color!

As someone who enjoys cheese in every shape and form I love having cheese plates and these are quite perfect for the job. They are super cute and also found at Uncommon Goods.

As mentioned previously on this site I do adore a good vintage piece or in this case a faux vintage, but totally looks a like piece I could find in an antique shop. Love these trivets from Anthropologie

A big thing in the Netherlands is the usage of the tablecloth at dinner. I personally love the idea and have quite a few vintage pieces to use, but here is my absolute favorite (so far at least) that I have found on the web from Macy's.

I haven't actually purchased anything yet, but I am working on it!! Any ideas that you have come across?

By the way I think I am obsessed with drinks because I could have filled this whole page with glassware and pitchers (decanters, cocktail shakers, etc. I think you get the idea), but refrained to maintain a slight sense of dignity and not the alcohol consumer that I can (and sometimes often) be. I am way to classy for that. Right?

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