Friday, November 4, 2011

Musings and a discount

Been a bit of a crazy week. Lot's going on yet nothing accomplished. Know the feeling?

Loved it so much!
Me and my handbag at the handbag museum.
The week started with some fun with the girls in Amsterdam. We went to the Van Gogh museum and the museum of handbags and purses. The Van Gogh museum was great and I learned a whole bunch of things, BUT the handbag museum was AMAZING. I could have spent the entire day there looking at all of the different items and then perhaps going through the displays again to see what I missed. They of course have a cafe there so I could take breaks for coffee and food. Next time that is the plan and I should go by myself to spare others the pain of hours in a purse museum (Thanks for hanging in there as long as possible Erika and Christa!!). We then finished up our day (which just happened to be Halloween) in the red light district where we found a great little Argentinian restaurant for dinner. Perfect way to end the day having steak next to ladies selling their wares. All good fun.

Having a traditional sugar waffle before hitting the museums.
These are soooo good.

The rest of the days were spreadsheets, expenses and other fun administrative tasks. So I didn't have too much time to patrol the internet, but I still managed to find a cool site that has some very fun retro dresses at a perfectly reasonable price. It's called the Shabby Apple  and while I can't comment yet on the quality (I did order a dress and will let you know the outcome) I can at least say they are super cute on the web! The best news for all of this is that if you clink the link above you will automatically get 15% off all regularly priced items. Not bad right?! Here are a few of my favorites and the first one is what I purchased.

So cute! I can't wait to try this on.

This is lovely and hopefully mine if I like the quality of the first one.
This was made for me! I know it. I see a holiday
party in my future with this dress!

This is just the icing on the cake, there are so many more that I want (I do have this thing though about needing to move, get two houses, etc. etc.. So perhaps I should do that first then buy more clothes. Priorities suck.). Anyway check out the store and see for yourself, you might find something you can't live without (and with 15% off to boot!).

Next up for me is the shoe museum. That's right not only does this country have a handbag museum, but a shoe one as well. I love the Netherlands!

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