Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Overcast with a chance of a facial

Sunny southern California, right? Wrong. It is overcast here in San Diego with a high chance of rain. Complete bummer. So what's a girl to do? Well the BF is busy working and I finished up the majority of my must do items so I was looking at my phone and clicked on the Groupon app to see if I could find something local that I could do later in the week. If you are not familiar with Groupon or Living Social or any of the other coupon/discount companies here is the Groupon description. Pretty cool right? Well my day just got even cooler.

Since I haven't had a chance to explore this phone app yet I was not familiar with the Now! tab. So I clicked it to see what is was all about and it pulled up 81 deals in my immediate area that I could buy and use today (some of the other deals have a full day waiting period before they can be confirmed, purchased and used). Hungry? There is a deal up the street that for $10 you get $20 worth of food. Oil change needed for your car? $25 and they will get that taken care of for you. Kayak tour? Half off right now. I think you are getting the idea. They have everything available from exercise classes ($10 Yoga class at 2pm) to shopping ($15 for $30 to spend at a local clothing store) and everything in between. While the options may be more in larger cities, this is a pretty cool way to get a great deal on something you were going to do anyway (lunch anyone?). 

So today I am going to get myself a mini facial and refresher massage (an hour of pampering) for $30. Yes $30. Who cares if it rains in sunny southern California, I will be relaxing at the spa.

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