Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cross body love

I love a good big fall handbag. It is roomy and can fit all of my necessities. I mean how can you leave the house without your wallet, make-up, hairbrush, sunglasses, camera (in case you have a super photo op), first aid, phone, wrap (you always want to make sure you can be warm) and kitchen sink. Every time I take one of these items out I end up needing it later that day. I swear it is just how the universe works.

However some days you just want to take your money, phone and sunglasses (give or take a few items). So you need a small yet convenient bag that can potentially take a little more, because you may need to add something along the way (of course you do). I think a medium size cross body bag is the answer. I recently purchased one for an upcoming trip and gave it a test run the other day. I love it so much I wanted to share a few of my favorite cross body bags for fall. Oh and they are all pretty affordable. Yay!

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