Thursday, October 27, 2011

I only got lost 3 times

That's not bad right?

I rode a train all by myself into Amsterdam yesterday and no one was hurt or arrested. Yay! Unfortunately I got lost after I got off the train when I decided I knew which was north was (it was actually south). So after a quick correction (closer to like 15 minutes of walking the wrong direction and another 15 back) I grabbed the correct bus and got off at the correct stop, only to walk pass the place I was trying to get to. Hmm. Reading signs really would have helped me a lot in both cases.

I finally met up with some friends had a super Dutch style lunch and then headed out to Beethovenstraat to get my touristy shop on. It was a wonderful afternoon to walk around the city and take in all the lovely little shops. I ended up purchasing what could only be called the perfect meal; wine, cheese and freshly made marzipan. Delicious!

I concluded my day by getting lost once more when taking the wrong return train and I went northwest when I needed to go south. Luckily I was able to correct this before ending up at the sea and made it home in one piece. Tomorrow I shall try my luck on the trains again, but to Utrecht and not all the way to Amsterdam. We shall see how this goes!

The Netherlands has some of the most spectacular flowers!
I really want a cheese wall in my house.

A beautiful day. Overlooking a canal.
The trifecta of purchases.

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