Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thistle while you work

Summer and bugs seem to go hand in hand and nothing makes a vacation more uncomfortable than itchy, scratchy bug bites. If you are like me when you do get said bug bites it turns bright red and swollen and can completely ruin an outfit. So the big problem for me is that I don't like putting on bug deterrent stuff. Even the most natural of sprays you find in the drug store have a toxic fume that just can't be masked. So you have two choices, get bitten by every bug on the block and lake or smell like chemicals and not have anyone want to sit next to you. Not great choices.

So I have tried so many different sprays because for reasons I can't even begin to understand bugs love me. I can be in a group of 10 people and be the only one that has bites at the end of the day. I must be pretty tasty. So after reading an article The Community of Magdalene, a residential community founded for women with a history of prostitution and drug addiction and helps them gain job skills and create a better future for themselves, I wanted to find out more. Part of this program is the women create natural hand made bath and body products and all sales and profits go back to the program. There are so many great products that they offer that I had a hard time figuring out what to get. Then I saw something I had to try. Geranium Spray. Apparently geranium is a natural bug repellent and they combine this with lemongrass and citronella (also of the repellent sort) with a dash of lavender to create a scent that you don't shy away from putting on your body. SOLD.

Next up was the test and I must say that I didn't get one bite while wearing it in a pretty bug crazy environment this weekend. So not only are you supporting an amazing program, but you get great products that are good for the body, environment and soul. Not bad for a bug spray. I can't wait to try out some of the other products they offer too!!

Oh and a small tip. Don't forget to put the spray on your feet. I made this mistake when I was in Minnesota for a wedding and could barely put on my bridesmaids shoes without wanting to tear the skin off my feet. Flip flops didn't even help since it cut right on the bites. A weekend I will never forget and not just for the wedding.

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