Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Lovin'...Hair Edition part one

Hair. As a girl hair can make or break my morning. If everything is going well the hair falls into place and I feel awesome. If it is not doing what I want it can really set the mood for my day in a not so awesome way. During the summer and depending where you are in the world humidity adds to the issue and can make the taming of the beast even harder. I am here to say I am tired of wearing pony tails and buns. So I know that I have talked about argan oil before for your face and now I am here to address  how it can rock your hair into shape!

After taking a shower you take a small amount (no more that quarter size) of the oil and put it in your damp hair and style as usual. This has cut my frizz and has made my hair so soft that the first time I used it I couldn't stop touching my hair. If you are worried about it getting to oily, don't. You only put on a small amount and I don't rub it in to my scalp. I just concentrate on the nape of the neck down and then finish with the top. I have never had any oily feeling in my hair and I do tend to have an oily scalp so I understand your hesitation if you are worried.

Now the biggest test came on my trip to New York in July. If you don't already know NYC is a humid city and July and August are top of the charts. Holy cow it was muggy and icky, but it worked liked a charm. Amazingly I have kept my hair out of the pony tail and buns and have been showing off my tresses in all of their well oiled, but not too oily, glory.

I have tried several of the oils and really they all are awesome, but the best bang for my buck has been the Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil. It's inexpensive, works and lasts a long time since you only use a little.

Here is to a pony tail free summer!

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