Monday, July 11, 2011

Mercury in Lights

Candles. I love them. Pretty, mood setting, soft and I look good in candle light. If I could have candle light every where I go that would be awesome. A unicorn wouldn't be bad either. No, all right. Well so when I can have candle light I do. Dinner, parties, random days that it is so gray here in Seattle that I can use candle light. Pretty much all the time. So obviously I like pretty candle holders. The last year or so I have been really into mercury glass. When you put a candle into this silvery, shiny, translusent glass it gives off a glow that is so pretty and welcoming that I have had to stop myself from buying too many! If you want to add a dash of elegence to your party I highly reccommend getting a few for your house. Take a look for yourself and try not to covet mine to much. They aren't leaving my house!!

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