Friday, July 8, 2011

Loving what you have

I have mentioned it a few times, but to be clear I am seriously trying to save money. I have cut way back on shopping, going out with friends and just in general watching those pennies. See I am going to Italy for vacation this summer and I want to make sure I can have a good time and return home not feeling awful about maxing out the credit cards.

So today for Friday Favorites I have decided to show you some of my favorite things I have around my house. I love old stuff and I have lots of it. The stories that these items would have if they could talk always makes me smile. I don't dare call these vintage since I think that is used to often to describe things that are just a few years old. These things are just old, fun and all displayed, used or played with regularly. I hope you enjoy them!

I love these. They are cute and super easy to carry
from room to room 8 at a time.

This is my Space Needle commemorative bourbon bottle
from the Worlds Fair. It is a great addition to my bar.

My old and super pretty hankies. I have some on my wall,
some in my purse and then put some in my pretty Tiffany vase.

This is a super useful kitchen gadget, especially around the holidays.
This can carry cupcakes, cookies and a cake. All in one!!
This is my newest addition. This belonged to my maternal
grandfather. I am on the hunt for bulbs and film for this.
Let me know if you know where I can look!!
Have a great weekend!!

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