Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For Reals

Unlike today I always wear mascara. It's one of the three top beauty items I must have on my face (mascara, tinted moisturizer and blush) before leaving the house, however today I just totally forgot it. I was busy packing for my holiday this morning and spaced it completely.

Last week when I was in New York I stopped in at Sephora to pick up some argan oil before I leave the country, because seriously I can not be without it and I am running low. At check out I got a free sample of They're Real from Benefit. I am not always optimistic about new mascara. They promise big, bold, long, fat, lean, brilliant lashes and I end up with clumps or slightly better than what god gave me. So I was hesitant to try it on a day that I had to look super presentable so I waited until this weekend. I was so surprised at how easily the application was and that at the tip of the wand are bristles that separate the clumps with ease. My lashes looked longer, darker and not clumpy or too fake looking. It was perfect for me. I get the definition I want without the 10 pounds of make-up look. I went out this weekend to buy the full size version since I loved it so much!

Click here for a link to the before and afters Benefit has on their site and trust me you will love They're Real, super high recommendation!!

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