Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Aunt

I am that aunt. You know the one that let's you eat cake at 6am in the morning and lets (or rather helps) you dress the dog, cat or little brother in ridiculous outfits (not to mention ourselves). I usually have a treasure trove of jewelry that you can pile on, will braid hair six ways to Sunday and will help you concoct the most crazy Popsicle on the planet. All of this is a true story that has been done.

Lately however I have been off my game, but I think that has been true of 90% off my life lately. This summer I am back on it though and need to step up my auntie game, as I am going to see each and every one of my siblings offspring in July/August. The problem is that some of them are getting to the age where they are not as mesmerized by crafts and glitter any more. So I need to get really creative. I have searched high and low for some ideas and here are my top 4, taking into account my nephew (the only boy) is borrowing our laptop to edit videos this summer so it's slightly skewed to girls.

Mani-Pedi Salon

image via Pinterest (I can't find the original source)
I love this idea of placing cotton, toe separators, nail file, lotion and packets of nail polish remover in a jar or box for each girl to use and keep. I then will have each girl be able to pick out their favorite color(s) from my large selection of polish and helping each other out with painting the nails. I might even be able to find nail decals. I am on the hunt!

Water Fight

image via Amazon
So that is just going to have to happen. I think I will have a hose too.

Ice Cream Sandwichs

Image via Cuisipro
I actually have one of these, never used, but I think we need to try this out. Nothing is better than cookies and ice cream on a hot summer day. I think we will use this cookie recipe and lots of sprinkles.

But Let's Make the Ice Cream and Sorbet

Image via King Arthur Flour
Why not do our own. That way we can have healthy and yummy flavors. We can make strawberry sorbet (pictured), peanut butter & banana ice cream with chocolate chunks or honey peach frozen yogurt. Best part is none of these require an ice cream machine!

If you want to try some other fun concoctions, try these recipes from Not Without Salt.

Any other good ideas you have out there for kids ranged 8-13??

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