Monday, June 10, 2013

Don't Call it a Comeback

Remember when your mother told you if you can't say anything nice you shouldn't say anything at all? Well that has been my feelings the past month or so. It was like I was living in a place that for every positive thing that happened, two crappy items appeared. I starting noticing it in my writing and and realized that perhaps some time off was in order. So I did it and while things may still not be peachy keen with sugar on top, they are drastically better. Plus I really missed rambling about all the crazy stuff I come across. So hopefully you missed me a little too and we can get back on track with the rambles. So here is what you missed during the intermission:

Pants are roomy, but I have fat feet
Went to New Orleans for about two weeks and just got back yesterday. I ate like it was going out of style, but walked so much of the convention center I actually lost weight. I also would like to say my feet HURT. I got a massage yesterday and have a pedicure scheduled today so hopefully my feet will get back to normal ASAP. Here I am at Hustler:

Obsessed with
Nuance Salma Hayek products have sprung up all over my house! Creamy cleanser, shampoo & conditioner, texturizing sea salt spray and make up remover are all fantastic items. I keep buying more just to see if they are as fantastic as the last. The price point is great and it's at CVS, so convenient! I have yet to find something I don't like. Salma has a heavy hand in the creation of the products as it is all based on her grandmothers recipes. You can read some information about it here. Totally worth a try.

Wish I was here
You may have read about the kickstarter campaign that Zach Braff started. I am actually a really big fan of his work and decided to become a backer and am really looking forward to behind the scenes updates. I since then have become a total kickstarter addict and have had to stop myself from backing every food idea on the site. So far that has only worked 50% of the time.

Discovered the Beautiful Creatures Series
I didn't leave the house for a few days. It was cheesy, fun and an easy read when I needed to get my mind off of things. Apparently there is a movie, but I don't remember hearing anything about it. It has Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson in it. I might need to check it out.

I bought this
I thought it was cute.

Glad to be hitting the interwebs again!!

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