Friday, June 21, 2013


Well looks like we are cutting our trip a little short and will be heading back to the US a little early next week. The good news is that I get to see my parents one last time before they move up to Oregon, but unfortunately my time here in the Netherlands is just way to short. I plan on making the most out of the days we have left, celebrating the BF's (and his twin sisters birthday) this weekend and maybe event getting out and capturing some great summer photos.

Here is your must list for the week. Have a fantastic weekend.

It’s amazing to think about all the little things that the next few generations will never know or understand. VHS (soon the DVD), cassette tapes, wonder bread (good riddance) and pay phones to name just a few. With the last one a photographer stumbled across the grave yard full of old pay phones and took some cool photos of yet another institution gone to the wayside in advancement of technology. If you want to reminisce even more, check out these technology ads from the 80's!


Image via theKitchn

I enjoy a good gin and tonic, but the tonic is sometime just a bit too tonic for me so I usually just have gin and soda water, via my SodaStream. After reading this little article and recipe, I have the perfect mixture. I have no idea why I didn't think of it.

Shots Anyone?

Image via a Beautiful Mess

OK, so I know that Jello shots are not exactly welcome at parties with 30+ year olds, but I think I may have to make an exception to these Mojito Jello Shots done by the ladies over at a Beautiful Mess. They are so cute and can be done with or without alcohol, so fun for the whole family, right? I think they would make a great refreshing afternoon snack!

Linda Rodin

Image via Daily Candy
Please let me be this cool when I am 65. This is a quickie slide show with advice and tips from Linda Rodin, stylist and totally worth a gander. I love her responses to the questions.

It's Summertime

Image via Piperlime
Buy a dress and feel cool and breezy. Piperlime has a sale and this maxi dress by Michael Stars is at the top of my list. For $75 how can you resist?

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