Friday, April 13, 2012

Fryeday! Fryeday!

While we were in transition between Seattle and our new house my stuff was in storage, in the dark and all alone for months. In the last two weeks we have opened every box, shook off the dust and put everything in it's place. We are still missing a few things around the house and the walls are still a little bare, but every room is set and can be used for it's intended purpose (including this room, thankyouverymuch I got it done). The next few weeks (or months) we will fill in the missing pieces and hang some pictures, but frankly I am all good with it for now and not to mention tired of decorating. Seriously it sounds fun in the beginning, but it is a lot of work and no one is paying me for it so I am over it. So to celebrate all of my things being let out into the light I decided to highlight a few of my favorite things that I am so happy to see again after such a long time apart.

I love my Frye boots and they are happy to be out!

My mason jars are all here and accounted for.
This one is currently being used to make
 strawberry vodka. Click here for the recipe.

Last weekend I received a bulb
for the camera. So excited to try it out.

Hat boxes and purses! Yay! Love all my hats
and purses, but you can only take so many
on the road.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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