Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Magic Suitcase

You know the scene in Mary Poppins when she keeps pulling items out of her travel bag that shouldn't fit in it, but do? I want need that bag. I am a seasoned traveler and if you read this blog at all you know that I 'live' between the US and the Netherlands which means I have stuff in both places. So why is it so hard to pack when heading to one or the other? The weather in SoCal is pretty predictable and the standard for me is a dress or jeans and a t-shirt and when it's cold a cardigan or sweater. Really you don't need more layers than that and you definitely do not need Uggs (ever). The Netherlands is a bit more unpredictable and has highs and lows all over the place so you should be prepared for everything. Seems simple to pack right? Well the issue is I have my favorite things (sweaters, jeans and shoes) that I don't want to be without, even if I don't wear them to that location. Stupid? Yes. Going to change? Nope. This time though I am going to do it in one suitcase for three weeks. Except I won't. No matter how hard I try I am a two suitcase per trip kind of girl, prepared for everything and if not there is always American Express.

They may be beat up and I had to super glue a
part of one for this trip, but you can always
spot it when it shows up on the belt.

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