Monday, April 16, 2012

Office Space

Venice, Italy

I am leading off with this lovely picture of Venice because it's better than this one.

Can you tell which side is mine? If you look close enough you can
see that the pin on the wine cork board says Clinton-Gore '96.
Bill and Al look so young!

We have some lack of decoration in the office, don't you think? Not to mention zero personality going on with the exception of my zippy new phone cover and a cigar box full of post its. This needs to change ASAP or at least when I get back from Europe in a couple of weeks (yes we are off again at the end of the week). One of the major idea's (besides removing the children's flip flops off my desk that are on the left) are to hang black and white travel photos, like the one leading off this post and below, on the wall.  Between myself and BF we have traveled to a large portion of the globe and I thought it would make an interesting background and conversation piece, since I took the majority of the photos myself that I plan to use. The only problem that I am running into is that I need to add some color. BF is totally a monochromatic guy if you can't tell by the furniture so I need to find a creative way to add some color. Maybe the frames of the photos? I am just not sure. We can't buy new furniture because I care way more about getting a new couch then desk (and I must admit that the chairs are pretty comfortable and good for your back if not pretty), but I need to feel better in this space. Idea's? Thoughts?

California Central Coast

Warsaw, Poland

Prague, Czech Republic

London, UK

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