Thursday, July 11, 2013

Must See Anniversary SALE!!

Why does it seem that the summer flies by sooo much quicker than the rest of the year? I feel like it just started, yet the calendar says we are headed towards August at light speed.

This week I have tried to make sure that I get out of the house/warehouse daily to at least make sure that each day is not all about work. This is twice as hard as you think when your significant other is a workaholic and also works from home and you work together on most of your projects. I can however say that the success rate was 100%, even if one outing was just to the post office to drop of an eBay item!

The best thing about this week is that the mothership came a calling. That's right the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here (early access and then access for all July 18th) and I have combed through and picked out the best items for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure. Overall I was pretty pleased with everything, but was a little less then impressed with the shoes, but perhaps it's just me not getting on board with the fall shoe trends. What are your favorite items this year?

Happy shopping!

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