Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This week has been full of getting things done. You would not believe the dust that can collect in a house that no one is in. I feel like half the week was dusting and the other half was going through mail. The amount of junk mail and crap that I receive is insane. I think when you go through your mail daily you don't realize just how much junk mail you receive, but when you get a months worth at one time you see how much junk you receive. Let's just say the number of things I needed to read or open could be counted on my hands vs. the majority of stuff that went straight into the recycle bin.

Now that I have dug myself out of the dust and paper, this weekend promises to be filled with a massage, zero plane trips, date night and cake. Hope your weekend is as fun-filled and fancy free.

While we are talking about junk mail, want to reduce the amount you receive in your mailbox? Check out Paper Karma, it's a an app that you download on your phone and just take a quick picture of your unwanted mail and the app takes care of making sure the company is aware of your request. How easy is that?
Hair Ties
I kept it neutral this time, but I will be adding colors in my next order.
You know those hair ties that you have on hand (or wrist), that don't tear up your hair and you won't let anyone borrow because you know if you do, you will never see them again and you spent your hard-earned dollars on? Well, Alyson over at the Average Girl's Guide has shared her source for buying the elastic by the yard and making them yourself for less. Let's review the math. If you click here (I actually did buy this set before I got the knowledge) the ties are $2 a piece. If you click here and with a few minutes of your time you will get approximately 15 hair ties for a total of $3.50 and that includes shipping. It gets even cheaper if you buy multiple colors because the shipping is less. It's too easy to not do and just think you can buy yourself a glass or two of wine with all the money you saved.
Image via Mighty Leaf Tea
Mighty Tea

Over the years I have become a pretty big afternoon tea drinker. It started as a way for me to walk away from my desk while working at home (otherwise I could spend all day there never moving!) and then it just became a habit, even when not working. A few months back I received a few packets of Mighty Leaf tea in my Birchbox and have been drinking it daily ever since. Not only is it pretty to look at, what you see above it what you get in your tea bag, but it has amazing flavor and each type has the recommended brewing time right on the tag to make sure you have the best cup every time. My current favorites are the chamomile citrus and the organic spring jasmine, but I still have yet to try them all.
Image via Zombies Run
Gamify your Workout

I get so bored so easily with working out that I need these apps to make things interesting when I run. I love the Zombies, Run app, but I have done all of the missions and even ordered the 5K missions and blew through those as well. These other apps look fun and just might keep me running!

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