Friday, December 14, 2012


I don't know if I should be happy or sad that the weeks are just flying by. On the one hand the end of December is a start of a new year that I hope brings more happiness and less crap then 2012. On the other side, the weeks go by so quickly you feel that you never quite get everything done. Instead of contemplating this further, this weekend I am just going to try to relax, enjoy a glass of wine and watch Miracle on 34th Street on loop. Dare to dream big!

Here are my must check out items for this week.

Let's hear if for the Boys - This week on SkinnyScoop I re-upped my gifts for the man that is impossible to shop for. There are some pretty neat things on it and there have been some great contributions to the list from other members. You may just find that great last minute gift you have been searching for!

Beef Cobbler - At first it sounds a little weird, but with a little time and a little work you have a super tasty dish that we couldn't stop eating. Oh it was so good. This is definitely a keeper recipe in my house. The one thing I did though was use a dutch oven for the stove top cooking and into the oven (Curtis calls to switch pans). I hate dishes and if you don't have to dirty another one, why would you?

Cheddar biscuits on top. Heck yeah.

Dance like no one is watching - My GF's and I all love to dance with or without wine, but I loved this story. It's a quick and easy read. Body acceptance can only come from within ourselves!

I am dancing while my friend is trying figure out
how to escape the fact we are on stage at a place
called the Kitty Club in Las Vegas. The last
two words explains the first part. 

Agate Plates - I want these so bad it's almost bordering on obsessive. They are ridiculously expensive, BUT I LOVE THEM SO!! They are pretty spectacular. It doesn't help that Uncommon Goods is my internet crack. I can't stop wanting most of the items on the site!

Perhaps I will ask Santa for them.

 Have a great relaxing, wine drinking, Miracle on 34th street weekend everyone!

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