Thursday, December 6, 2012


This week has been the first of two weeks full of everyone trying to get as much work done as possible before the holidays. It can be broken down to basically non-stop work and stuff, except for when I found time to go to the dentist and the doctor to be told that I am broken and time, money and pills are the only answer. You know just like every other week of this year. To help reset my mind, spirit and body I think a few cocktails and some cheese nibbles are in the plans for the weekend.

Here are some must check out items you may have missed!

Image via Japan Trend Shop

Edible iPhone Cover - Like we needed further proof that Japan needs new hobbies that are actual hobbies and not just crazy things that are better left uninvented. Just think about the bacteria and crap that would touch this, how could you even think to put this in your mouth? I guess if it was the only food for miles, I was on foot and it was apocalyptic times and all. If this is to your liking beware it's priced like it's the last cracker on earth.

Image via Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Hot Toddy - Baby it's cold outside and this will warm you up with a quickness. Man I love a good toddy and this recipe screams to be made.

Image via Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture Palladium Blazer - I am in love with this blazer for the holidays. Unfortunately I am keeping the budget under control and it won't be in my closet this year, but I can dream of the outfits I would create.

Hope you have a good weekend!!

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