Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scenes from a Turkish Restaurant

Around 7pm all the stores in the old town of Istanbul start moving to the streets. It becomes a night market, open late and carrying the latest and greatest knock offs of every type. While business goes on during the day, it seems that the evening time is when the everyone really starts to do business since the sun has gone down and the heat of the day starts moving into a decidedly more comfortable number.

Along with the merchandise venders you also will find people on the streets that are trying to get you into their restaurant. Being hungry and after reviewing a few options we decided on the one, that according to the brochure the gentleman had was set in an old courtyard. Delighted that we were interested he has us follow him down steps and through two blocks of an indoor bazaar (Which was a feast for the eyes. So many crystals and knock off crap I didn't even know where to look first). After starting to think we were being lead down a path to our destruction we came upon the courtyard, exactly as pictured in the brochure. Not described or pictured was the lack of lighting, the Twin Peaks theme playing in the background and the largest piece of fluffy flat bread I have ever seen in person. Totally set the mood just right for a random spot in the middle of old town.

The good news was that dinner was delicious (kabob), but it was the dessert that was the most fascinating. The dessert menu consists of a series of blurry pictures with Turkish words next to them, so I need the waiters help in deciding what to order. To help me he brought over two of the items in person (chocolate and vanilla pudding??? I don't know exactly what they were, but it was something in a round tin, one brown and one white) and then he proceeded to say that I should not order either of those items.  What I should do is order round thing in a tin number 3, that had cheese in it. I pointed out one other item asking what it was, but he told me that tin #3 was the best. With a recommendation like that how could I do anything but go with 3.

When it arrived it looked like it had a fried crust and smelled like cinnamon, I dove right in. I have no idea what it exactly was, but the best way I can describe it is that it was a mild mozzarella like cheese, dipped in shredded wheat (the cereal), coated with cinnamon sugar and fried. As you may be able to imagine it was glorious. After I demolished it I realized I should have taken a picture. Hopefully they will have the same item at the restaurant we go to tonight. Regardless they will for sure have lots of traditional dancing there. Should be fun!

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