Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pleased as Pie

About two weeks ago I went shopping at the new Home Goods with my parents and picked up some mini, individual size pie plates. They are the cutest thing and I knew immediately that I was going to come up with something to have for dessert for when the BF and his employee (D) arrived here in SoCal. After weeks of hard work on a road show, a home cooked meal and a delicious dessert is just what they need to get them back on track. Then I had to start thinking about what kind of pie to make, because the possibilities are endless I could spend forever trying to narrow it down. Lucky for me D is a certified chocoholic so the decision was easily made to make Chocolate Pudding Pie. I love this recipe for many reasons, but mostly because it's lower in sugar and has that pure chocolate taste that I love so much. Since D is more of a sweet tooth, I did substitute a graham cracker crust instead of a traditional dough and since I am not afraid of short cuts I used whipped cream from can. It's way more fun anyway!

Simple filling ingredients.

This is basically chocolate milk at this point, but wait two seconds later...

All of a sudden it get's thick and then you add the bittersweet
chocolate. Fair warning you will get an arm workout from
all the whisking.

Already to go in the fridge to chill.

Just add fork.

Have a great weekend!

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